REVIEW: Santa Ana Star Casino (from notes taken on December 29, 2016)

REVIEW: Santa Ana Star Casino (from notes taken on December 29, 2016)
My wife Isabel and I went to Santa Ana Star Casino, we don't really gamble but we always enjoy the buffet on Thursdays. They offer their buffet for $5 per person on Thursday, so its a weekly tradition for us. Always a wonderful experience! The salads are always fresh, their Pho station is awesome, and their New Mexican foods are too, not to mention great ice cream selection. On our way out of the casino, I tried out the new Duck Dynasty slot machine I saw this same machine at Sandia Casino too, it's made by Bally and has a giant high resolution touch panel screen. If I ever do play, I try to keep my bets pretty small. I only put in $5 and played a 50¢ bet, I got lucky and got four bonus wheels and won some special games; one with a multiplier featuring Uncle Si, one with an archery game with Willie, one frog catching game with Jase, and another with a duck call while duck hunting. The game played the show's theme song, 'Sharp Dressed Man' by ZZ Top. Walked out of the casino with $25 and a full tummy.
Written by: Mario J. Lucero
Date Published: 12/29/2016

UPDATE: 2021, sadly Santa Ana’s star of a buffet is no longer available.

Photos from the visit

My wife Isabel eating her artistically-woven salad at Santa Ana’s buffet.
My trademark sauceless salad, with plenty of radishes and seeds.

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