Downtown Santa Fe (from notes taken on October 24, 2013)

REVIEW: Downtown Santa Fe (from notes taken on October 24, 2013)
Isabel and I took the Rail Runner from the Journal Center station in Albuquerque, and traveled to the Santa Fe Depot. We had to do this all on a strict $30 budget. We walked over to a nearby small Christian bookstore, we bought a $1 bookmark with John 3:16 on it, and then took a stroll through the Railyard park. We then walked to McDonald's and grabbed some $1 soda, then headed up Cerrillos Road and perused some shops and a chocolatier where we bought trinkets and snacks for $3. We walked passed Bataan Memorial building and looked at the flags on display there (USA, Philippines, New Mexico), and made it to the Plaza and also perused the shops there. We went the museum, admission was $10 for both of us. We went through the modern museum and the Palace of the Governors, which was founded in 1610. We then walked to the Saint Francis of Assisi Cathedral, and viewed the religious statues, beautiful building, and landscaping. We headed back to the train station, and on the way we visited the Chuck Jones Gallery. Eventually made it back to the station, but before we did we went to Jean Cocteau Cinema, which was reopened this year thanks to George R.R. Martin. He now owns the theatre, and reopened it just a month or two ago. We went in and they had a small selection of books, so we bought a signed copy of A Song of Ice and Fire for $15. We then got to Santa Fe Depot and hopped on the Rail Runner and headed home to Albuquerque.
A few highlights included Santa Fe Depot, Jean Cocteau Cinema, Museums, and old churches
Written by: Mario J. Lucero
Date Published: 09/24/2013

Photos from the visit:

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