Fallout 3: “Point Lookout” (Add-on Trailer)

Game Title:
Fallout 3 (“Point Lookout” Add-on)

Microsoft XBOX 360
Sony PlayStation 3 (October 1, 2009)

Bethesda Softworks
ZeniMax Media

Bethesda Game Studios

Game Description:
Point Lookout opens up a massive new area of the Wasteland a, dark, murky swampland along the coast of Maryland. So hop on the ferry to the seaside town of Point Lookout, for the most mysterious and open-ended Fallout 3 DLC adventure yet.

Buy a ticket and hop onboard the Duchess Gambit, as Tobar the Ferryman takes you to the strange seaside town of Point Lookout. What secrets does the dilapidated boardwalk hold? Who lives in the sprawling mansion? Why is the Punga Fruit so important? And what horrors lie in the depths of the murky swamp?

Point Lookout is the most open-ended DLC yet, and allows you to explore a huge, swampy wasteland any way youd like. A completely new quest line allows you uncover the towns hidden secrets and wield powerful new weapons like the Double-Barrel Shotgun against the swamps dangerous, and deformed, denizens.

Key Features:
Discover and explore an entire new area the beachfront town of Point Lookout, with its decrepit boardwalk and surrounding swamplands loaded with adventure.
Explore the chilling mystery that pervades this once sleepy town, with a new quest line and open-ended gameplay.
Encounter unique new swamp denizens and weaponry that will test even the toughest characters.
Exclusive new perks and achievements!